email marketing services

Market Me Management has teamed up with Constant Contact to give you the best email marketing experience.

Why You Need a Email Marketing

Market Me Management believes that email marketing is still an integral part of an all around marketing strategy. It is an easy way to reach people on mobile, make announcements to your network, share valuable content, and much more. It is basically free and works much better than expensive direct mail. Email marketing platforms are also amazing lead generation tools. 

Why You Should Hire Us

Market Me Management knows how to execute successful email marketing and lead generation campaigns. We listen to our customers and offer a transparent experience when working with us. We can set up your email marketing and offer direction or completely take over your email marketing for you. We’re trusted Constant Contact partners who will get you results.


Our Promise


Market Me Management will set up your company news letter and schedule emails regularly.

Custom Lists

Market Me Management will build you custom lists to target all of your email marketing campaigns.

Lead Generation

Market Me Management can set up marketing automation efforts that work even when you’re sleeping.

Mobile Friendly

Market Me Management makes sure your emails will work properly on any mobile device.

Result Tracking

Market Me Management offers reports and data to show you the results of your email marketing.

Events and Forms

Market Me Management can use email marketing for other things like landing pages, forms and events.