marketing analytics

Market Me Management offers smarter marketing services with performance reports.

Why You Need Marketing Analytics

Market Me Management believes that all marketing campaigns should have measurable results. With traditional and print marketing, it is nearly impossible to truly measure exactly how many people were influenced by those marketing channels. With digital marketing, we can measure all of our marketing efforts. We know exactly where our customer came from and all of the decisions they made. 

Why You Should Hire Us

Market Me Management knows how to deliver marketing analytics that show our clients exactly how successful our marketing efforts are within each specific marketing channel. Let us evaluate your marketing campaigns to hold us and your sales accountable. We can set up your email marketing and offer direction or completely take over your email marketing for you.


Our Promise

Weekly Reports

Market Me Management will regularly send you weekly reports that measure your marketing efforts.

Web Analytics

Market Me Management delivers analytical data from your website and its performance.

Social Analytics

Market Me Management delivers social media marketing analytical reports.

Sales Leads

Market Me Management captures sales leads through various online marketing efforts.

Customer Acquisition

Market Me Management analyzes customer acquisitions rates and percentages.


Market Me Management can prove return on investment with our marketing campaigns.