Market With Your Emails

Remember the last time you stood behind some lady in the supermarket waiting to check out as she stared at her phone instead of paying? There’s a pretty good chance she was checking her email. You have probably done the same thing. You might have been waiting to receive a confirmation of payment, or to hear back from a long lost friend. And, while doing this you might have received a marketing email. Did you open it? Be honest. If it was written correctly you probably gathered that whoever sent it had something they wanted you to get involved with.

A recent info-graphic distrubuted by Brandmuscle revealed some useful statistics. An astonishing 91% of email users actually check their email daily and out of all consumers 66% have made a purchase as a result of an email marketing campaign. That’s a pretty active base to reach out to.

Now, a lot of clients I have dealt with say that email marketing isn’t effective for them because people simply click “archive” when they see those types of email. These clients then tell me that they feel social media marketing is much more effective for them. I have to respectfully disagree. The people who say this are the same people who value views over everything and don’t value engagement. Chance are they aren’t receiving any financial gain from both their social media campaigns and email campaigns.

Email marketing, just like social media marketing, is all about sending out quality to possible customers. Figure out a way to be engageing without forcibly selling your product. Maybe, have a question of the week feature, or have a best Instagram photo of the week. Include a poll once in a while to make the emails interactive. Give people a reason to consistently open what you send them. You don’t necessarily want a one time sale. You want a dedicated customer base to develop from email marketing campaigns. And, don’t forget to make the first few lines of the email attention grabbing. That’s what people see in the preview box of whatever they look at the email on.

Finally, acknowledge that people are looking at their emails in grocery lines on their phones. In fact, 48% of emails are opened on phones. Sadly, just 11% of marketing emails are actually optimized for mobile devices. Be among the 11% and help people gain something when they are trying to kill time and inadvertently aggravating the person behind them in line.

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