Marketing On Instagram Is Awesome

If you’re not using Instagram for your business already, you probably should be. At first glance, the popular picture sharing social media site looks like a place to go if you are into celebrities posting pictures of their day-to-day life or memes they like. Regular people post pictures of their pets, dinners, and stuff they think others might want to see too. So how can and why would a business market themselves on Instagram?

  • -Instagram uses hashtags like Twitter. If you’re a business, you can simply post a picture of your product and use hashtags to help it get discovered. Want people find your business when they are looking for fun. Hashtag it as so.
  • -Use Instagram for customer contests. For example, ask your followers to post pictures of themselves with your product using the hashtag #thisbusinessrocks and to include your name in the caption. You can offer free merchandise to a random person each day who does this. It will get people engaged with your company and help you reach a larger audience.
  • -Marketing on Instagram also allows you to reach your full audience, unlike Facebook, which charges you for that. If you post something and your follower is online, it will pop in their feed. You can achieve maximum organic growth with Instagram for no cost at all.
  • -Marketing on Instagram can also help you build a positive and relatable image for your company. Post pictures of your employees having fun and being normal people. Engage with your customers by liking and commenting.
  • -Finally, offer promo codes that people can use to get discounts on your products. If you offer a substantial promo code every couple of months, it will keep customers checking your feed.