Responsive Web Design Makes Customers Respond

In short, responsive web design mean creating a website that functions perfectly on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and whatever else people will eventually invent to browse the web. This involves making sure the website resizes appropriately, has functioning features, and is easy to navigate using the available tools on all platforms (finger tips, mouse, track pad, etc…). You don’t notice when a website is responsive, but chances are you’re frustrated when it isn’t.

Responsive web design will allow your users to access your content on multiple platforms from the same link. This creates a dedicated viewer. If someone comes to your website and has to struggle to resize the page, they’re going to be angry. Then they may click a link after they finally find what they are looking for and have to, once again, resize the page. If they finally read something or interact with anything, they are going to be doing so slightly agitated, and that’s not good for your brand. Or, they are just going to leave your site at the first sign of trouble.

  • And, don’t think that this is a tiny problem. People are using smart phones to browse the internet more than ever. In fact, 80% of people own smart phones now. That’s a pretty big market to lose out on.
  • Having responsive web design also ups your conversion rate for online sales. If someone wants to buy a product from you, make it easy. Many people will stumble onto a website only to be frustrated when trying to make a purchase and then just leave. 67% of people have reported that they are more likely to make a purchase on a mobile friendly site.
  • Finally, Google likes responsive web design. By not having a separate url for a mobile site, Google is able to catalogue your site more easily and accurately. This helps you to be found in searches, which is essential if you have a product, since 48% of all product buying research starts on Google. Not to mention that Google claims that over 97% of people search for a local product or service online.