Social Media Strategy Maximizes Your Customer Base

Over the summer, Small Business Trends conducted a survey of local businesses in Philadelphia. They found out that 85% percent of their revenue came from referrals. This statistic leads to some easy conclusions. If you own a small business, you need to hand out referral cards. You should also make sure you rectify any problems customers have, since one bad experience can lose some leads. Doing those two things was probably enough for you up until the mid 2000s. Now, you need to understand that customers are also online, mainly at social media sites. Social media strategy can help your company reach them.

With roughly 72% of all adults online visiting Facebook once a month, your social media strategy should focus on developing a Facebook following. Facebook’s business pages are simple and offer an easy way for a your company to engage with a large audience. People can even leave reviews on your page, which acts as an online reference for future customers. Facebook also lets you promote your posts for a low price. Doing this can allow you to reach people in your neighborhood who might be new patrons.

You need to be sure that these new people have all the possible avenues available to vet you. Online referrals are often taken with a little skepticism. Business pages like those found on Google Plus and Yelp can help you eliminate any fears. Your social media strategy needs to address setting these pages up, making sure your reviews are positive, and addressing any negative reviews in a timely manner. By staying up to date on these pages, you help your customers feel validated in a decision to go with your business.

While it’s important to use the above-mentioned sites, your social media strategy must also include blogging. Blogging enables you to have a human feel to your website. Blog about your family, neighborhood events, or even your product, and people will understand your company better. Someone who is looking at your business, but is unsure of a negative review, or just mistrusts the person who referred them, may change their mind when they read your blog post about how you satisfy your customers.

Knowing that most business is from referrals and how the world has moved online, it is absolutely necessary to have good social media tactics. Otherwise, you are missing out on a large number of customers.